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History of Nougat Chabert § Guillot

The history of Nougat Chabert § Guillot began with the Chabert family. In the first half of the 80’s, Alexandre Chabert, confectioner in Montélimar, manufactured nougat in addition to traditional pastry. He was later succeeded by his son Ernest who continued the white and black nougat manufacture for sale during the Christmas season (in Provence, nougat is one of the traditional thirteen Christmas desserts).

The first major transition occurred with the third generation represented by Charles Chabert (1888-1953). While the reputation of the nougat developed by the family kept growing, Charles realized that nougat had come to play a predominant part and prevailed over pastry sales. Nougat was no longer eaten and offered only for Christmas, but throughout the year. Furthermore, Charles guessed that traffic in the Rhone Valley would increase along with the development of the automobile and, therefore, decided to dedicate his business solely to nougat manufacture.

Rather than continuing the activity in cramped premises, Charles convinced his brother in law, Henry Guillot, to become his partner and purchase the premises of the Déjour company, a nougat manufacturer established since 1848 in a former gas plant, ideally located by the railway station and public park. Thus, in 1913, the newly created Chabert et Guillot brand adopted as founding date that of its predecessor in the premises.  Following Henry Guillot’s untimely death without descent, the company remained within the Chabert family. The street where the plant was located was renamed Charles Chabert Street in 1991.

Pierre Chabert, who succeeded Charles, pursued developing and perpetuating the family business. By then, Chabert § Guillot had become the leading and most famous nougat manufacturer in Montélimar. In 1954, the film director Gilles Grangier chose the Chabert et Guillot plant as setting for his comedy "Spring, Fall, and Love", with Fernandel featuring as boss of a nougat manufacturing plant. Pierre Chabert showed a strong dedication to the community through the professional federation and the Inter-Nougat economic interest group (nougat sales on the highway). Today, the Montélimar Centre for Occupational Medicine bears his name. His brother, Jean-Claude Chabert assumed at his side the position of Purchasing Manager for nearly forty years.  He also managed for over ten years, a subsidiary located in Loriol, known for its famous "Vieille France" and "Canard Sauvage" brands.

Didier Chabert, fifth generation of master nougat confectioners, became Chairman and Managing Director of the company in 1985, after a ten-year career in the hostelry within the Accor Group.  He led the company to its second great transformation, its transition to technology. In 1987, he invested in a highly sophisticated process allowing to produce ten tons of nougat in 24 hours.  In 1992, with the help of François Roelens, mining engineer, he created the liquid nougat, called “Montélimar nougat cream”, thereby positioning nougat as an ingredient for the pastry and ice cream manufacture.

In 1997, the nougat leading company wished to develop its leadership worldwide and sought alliances with a large group. For its part, La Raffinerie Tirlemontoise SA, first Belgian sugar manufacturer and a subsidiary of Südzucker, first European sugar manufacturer, wished to invest further in the pastry ingredient market. Thus, on 1 October of that year, the French nougat leader merged with the European sugar leader, to pursue and develop several products under the label of the Surafti group subsidiaries.

In July 2003, the Nougat Delavant company joined the NCG+ group.

Since 2009, all the services and activities of Nougat Chabert § Guillot have been gathered under one roof (administration, manufacturing, conditioning and shipping departments), in the heart of the new business district of Montélimar : ZAC des Portes de Provence. The company also owns four shops in Montélimar.

Today, Nougat Chabert § Guillot represents :

- 165 employees.

- 3000 tons of nougat a year delivered directly to you or sold through several shops and distributors in France and abroad.

- About 15 tons of nougat produced daily to satisfy your palate.

- A turnover of 25 million euros (in 2014).

- A team of five people dedicated to online orders for home delivery or to a pick-up point.

- Over 160 years of existence, and therefore experience, in the Montélimar Nougat manufacture and a desire to continuously bring you the best Montélimar Nougat at the lowest price.

- The French leader among the Montélimar Nougat manufacturers in terms of production and turnover.

- A daily commitment to ensure the best quality products for which Nougat Chabert § Guillot has obtained the following certifications :

ISO 9001 :

IFS (International Food Standard) :




ECOCERT (Organic products, see our organic range ):


Nougat Chabert § Guillot hope that you will enjoy visiting their online shop and soon join their many customers both in France and worldwide.










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